How to get Bitcoins easily?

Before we start, we would like to mention that this article will only mention different ways to get Bitcoins. There is no shortcut way where you can get a lot of Bitcoins easily. Since there are only 21 million Bitcoins that have been released by the creators, Bitcoins cannot be harvested easily. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are many fraud links and websites which put up fake links that will harm your existing Bitcoins so do not click on links or give information freely.

  • Mining:

Mining is the first method we have put up for getting Bitcoins. The first step for mining would be buying the hardware that would help you to mine for Bitcoins. When you have the hardware, the next step would be to download software specifically made for Bitcoin mining. You are now ready to mine. However, you should know that mining for Bitcoins is extremely difficult. If you are not able to solve blocks, then you can mine for months and years and earn nothing. A solution can be that you can join teams or Bitcoin mining pools. Here you will team up with others and solve together. You will split the Bitcoins, but the chances of you getting Bitcoins are higher because you will be solving together. There is also another option called Bitcoin Cloud Mining. However, this does not use a physical hardware so the risks might be higher.

  • Buy Bitcoins:

Another way in which you can get Bitcoins is through purchase. You can purchase Bitcoins in three ways. The first one is through platforms. Companies like LocalBitcoins, Coinbase, Indacoin and much more offers platforms for selling and purchasing Bitcoins. It allows you to buy and sell Bitcoins online. The second way is through Bitcoin ATMs. Bitcoin ATMs are available in different parts of the world, and there are over 400 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide. You need to have an account before you can purchase at Bitcoin ATMs. The last option is exchanging through online means.

  • Selling products:

If you have a store or sell products, one way to get Bitcoins is by allowing it as a method of payment to purchase your product. Once people are having Bitcoins purchase your product, you can own your very own Bitcoin. If you intend to do so, you can look up on how you can bring in Bitcoin on your website.

  • Gambling:

Gambling through casino games is another method to get Bitcoins. However, this is not a very good way to go about since you never know what can happen. It is already risky, and the chances of one winning are already unpredictable in casino games whether the prize is for Bitcoin or not. The risk comes in the fact that with gambling, it depends on your luck most of the times. If you are willing to take the risk, then you can try gambling. But do keep in mind that you can win Bitcoins, but the chances of you losing everything including your money is also there.

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